Sunday, May 20, 2012

Photos from today's YOM YERUSHALAYIM


Jerusalem was celebrating its 45th anniversary of kicking out the Jordanians today. Until the Six - Day - War in June 1967, the city was divided among Israelis and Jordanians. Palestinians didn't exist then but they rather preferred being called ARABS. A historical fact the Arab world and all those liberal Western world leftists don't seem to remember: "Palestinians are a new invention and not 1000 years old !"

The Six - Day - War began when Arab countries were attacking Israel. The Jewish state won the war although there had been hardly any chances of succeeding over the Arab majority. Once I listened to a lecture of Rabbi Me'ir Kahane's brother and he claimed that it was more G - d helping the Jews then their weapons. 

YOM YERUSHALAYIM - Jerusalem Day stands for freedom and a united Jerusalem. It is sad that most secular Jews don't remember the importance of this day in June. Haredim usually don't participate in the celebrations, as most of them have a distant relationship to the present State of Israel. A state which is secular and officially without Torah but a worldy constitution and courts. However, the Zionist national religious youth loves to celebrate Yom Yerushalayim. From everywhere in the country they keep on streaming to Jerusalem in order to participate in the MARCH OF THE FLAGS from downtown to the Kotel (Western Wall). 

Theodore Herzl wanted a secular state for the Jews. Without Torah and the German language instead of Hebrew. Unfortunately most secular Zionists remember Herzl and not another Zionist who actually wanted a religious Jewish State: The famous "Ahad Ha’am".

Nevertheless, the MARCH OF THE FLAGS was the only event I have noticed. A kind of sad, as the day is very important in Jewish history. On the other hand, not even all national religious youngsters participated in the march but walked around downtown. Shops, fast food branches, cafes and ice - cream stands earned a fortune today. 

Here are some photos from today and many more will follow:

The parade is, more or less, religious, and a Mechitzah (gender separation) does exist. Although, not as strict as in haredi society let alone Toldot Aharon. The above picture shows the national religious girls celebrating in King George Street.

The girls in the yellow shirts were in charge of the security.

 The guys were gathering a few hundred meters further in front of Jerusalem's Great Synagogue.


Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke

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