Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At the grave of the RAMBAM in Tiberias

You cannot miss the grave of the RAMBAM (Maimonides) in downtown Tiberias (northern Israel at the Sea of Galilee). The monument placed above the grave can be seen from anywhere  down at the lake.

Underneath the monument, you can find the Kever of the RAMBAM (Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, 1135 - 1204).

Not at the grave but placed on the wall of a house in the area: A portrait of the RAMBAM.

Photos: Miriam Woelke

HERE and HERE are further pictures ! 

Why the RAMBAM was buried in Tiberias


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  1. Did you visit the Maimonides Heritage Center while you were there? We have many interesting items about the Rambam on display, an interesting video about the Rambam - and great air-conditioning! We also do presentations for groups with advanced reservations. Contact Michael for more info: 054-4542631, maimonidescenter@gmail.com