Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meron before Lag ba'Omer

Lag ba'Omer Preparations in Meron

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It really upsets me almost every year anew: Lag ba'Omer is coming up and I won't have much time to participate, as I am stuck at work. Until the end of this month, I will be working in this stressful job and only in another few weeks, I will have time catching up with all the research and writing. 

Always being busy working, I can understand those Haredim who decide to dedicate all their time to Torah learning. How else could you study ? Working the whole day, then coming home in the evening, being finished and tired ... Who can still sit down and take a serious study ? You just fall asleep after a while and when it comes to a holiday or Shabbat, you will be even more glad to rest. 

This is the paradox of life: You have to work in order to make a living but, at the same time, you are missing so many things such as study and participating in important events. 


  1. It depends on what you call a "living". In my case, I sold things that got in my way, life is much better now, even though I have little.

  2. Hello, Miriam. I don't quite agree. A lot of religious people (especially working-class Mizrahim) work full days, go to Mincha-Maariv with Shiur/ Daf Yomi and then have dinner with their wives and kids. It definitely beats being a welfare case supported by Israeli tax money. And I have yet to hear the working religious accuse the rest of the country of being "empty vessels" (or worse) or calling them "Anti-Semites" if they want to cut down Yeshiva-money. What's the Bnei-Akiva-slogan? Torah VE-AVODAH!

  3. B"H

    @ Benjamin

    My personal experience is:

    A) Finishing work, coming home, taking a shower

    B) Sitting down to relax a bit and alreasy falling asleep while sitting

    First I thought that it is me because I am running around the whole day but other working colleagues told me that it is the same with them. Even those who sit the entire time.

    But, I agree, there are many religious Jews who are able to cope with both worlds.

    @ Eric

    I don't have too much to sell and I definitely won't sell my books.:-)