Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rosh Chodesh SIVAN – ראש חודש סיון

Photo: Chabad.org

Today, the Jewish world was celebrating Rosh Chodesh SIVAN, the beginning of the new Jewish month Sivan. 

Every beginning of a new Jewish month also stands for a new beginning in our lives. Anyway, when you would like to change something significant in your life, you don’t have to wait until the next Rosh Chodesh but should start right away.:-)

The kabbalistic “Sefer Yetzirah – The Book of Creation” teaches that every Jewish month has its own Hebrew letter, human organ, Jewish tribe, horoscope and sense.

The Letter is the ZAIN ז. Every letter of the Hebrew alphabet also expresses a number and Zain represents the number 7. In Judaism, the number seven expresses something complete. G – d created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day when the world was complete. Not perfect but complete.

The Jewish tribe is the tribe of Zevulon. The members of this tribe used to be successful businessmen and thus supported the tribe of Yissachar with financial aid. Yissachar studied Torah and Zevulon worked and thus took care of Yissachar.

The human organ is the left foot and the sense is walking. Walking stands for progress and dynamic actions. We are constantly moving into the direction of Torah.

The horoscope is Gemini representing Aharon and Moshe.

The holiday of Sivan is Shavuot. The day G – d gave the Torah to the Jews on Mount Sinai. We are going to celebrate Shavuot from next Tuesday night until Wednesday night. Those Jews living in the Diaspora mostly keep a second day of Shavuot – Thursday. However, I have seen at least one German community where there is a tradition of keeping Shavuot only for one day. 

Chodesh Tov – A great, healthy and successful Sivan to all of you !!!!

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