Thursday, May 24, 2012

No cemetery but cheese from Zfat


This afternoon, I was on my way walking down to the famous cemetery of Zfat (Safed). The sun was burning and it was terribly hot. As ususal, I took plenty of photos while walking through Zfat. 

As I was trying to find my way through all those alleyways in the old city, I ended up in front of the house of one of the two local cheese manufacturer, "Kadosh Cheese". The door was open and I expected finding myself in some kind of a cheese store. I was surprised seeing people sitting at a wooden table and having coffee. The shop was not a shop at all but looked like a bigger kitchen. Customers were welcomed to sit down, have coffee and taste all kinds of cheese and olives. I love fresh cheese and, in the end, bought some French cheese as well as homemade goat cheese. Everything just melting on your tongue. Fresh cheese for Shavuot and I just hope that I can transport everything in a save manner to Jerusalem tomorrow. Without anything melting or making a mess.:-)

Having bought the cheese, I quit going to the cemetery but rather took pictures from far away. I went back to my accomodation in order to put the cheese into the fridge. Of course, I couldn't resist tasting some of the delicious cheese but I still have enough left for sharing it with a friend on Shavuot.

A Camembert

Creamy goat cheese

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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