Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shabbat Healing

Early summer in Tel Aviv

Photo: Miriam Woelke

I have overworked my body for quite a while. Today my leg just didn't want the way I did and I had to stop work. Tomorrow morning I am returning to Jerusalem although I don't really have a place to live until June 1. Maybe I am staying with a friend, maybe at a hostel. However, seeing my orthopedist on Sunday has priority. If he doesn't ask me to come back the next day I will go on a vacation for a few days. Having a bit of a "Rejewenation" in Zfat (Safed) where I haven't been for more than a year.

Jerusalem is celebrating its YOM YERUSHALAYIM on Sunday. The anniversary of Israel winning the Six - Day - War in 1967 and uniting the city after years of division. Starting from 1948, Jerusalem was divided between Israel and the Jordanians. After the Six - Day - War in 1967, Jews regained unlimited access to the Western Wall (Kotel). 

By the way: Because the Kotel was freed by the Israeli army, the Satmarer Rebbes never visit the Wall while visiting Jerusalem. As the Satmarer neither recognize the present State of Israel nor the "Zionist" army, they usually pray somewhere else facing the direction of the Kotel.
Wherever I am going to stay until moving into the new apartment next month, I will be happy to be back in Jerusalem, Tiberias and Zfat.

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