Monday, May 7, 2012

Starting the apartment search


I really hate this: Looking through websites, calling up landlords and listening to their conditions. Then finally looking at the apartment and making a decision. There are people who actually enjoy all this and find the hunt for a new place to live exciting. I just hate it and wish it was already over.

This Wednesday I am going to start my hunting season and there are more than enough offers on the Internet. Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, there are plenty of available apartments but it all depends on the price.
My goal ? Finding a 1 - 2 room apartment in Ramat Gan or Tel Aviv (Lewinsky, at the border to Florentin or Florentin itself). I have already looked through different websites and noticed that there are 1 - 2 room apartments in Ramat Gan for a monthly rent from 2100 Shekels (approx. 555 $) – 3000 Shekels (approx. 790 $) and more. If I found a place for 2500 Shekels, it would be perfect.

Quite a few landlords offer cabel TV and some furniture. I don't really need that but would be happy if the janitor service (Va'ad Bayit) as well as the city tax Arnona are included in the rent. In Israel, the tenant pays the city tax for the estate and not, as in other countries, the owner / landlord. 

What I have already noticed today ? Some landlords only accept the rent paid by credit card. Others are asking for salary statements from the past six to nine months. As a matter of fact, Israelis don't always like to pay and mostly suffer from a severe overdraft. On the other hand, someone can show up with his salary statements but loose his job tomorrow. There is just no guarantee for the perfect tenant.


  1. Many landlords want co-signers or months of rent in advance. I also hate the whole apartment hunting thing here. I am sure it steals years from one's life! All the best in your search, may you find what you want immediately!

  2. Apartment hunting can truly be a daunting task not to mention stressful. Some landlords can be really strict when it comes to paperworks so hang in there. You'll find an apartment soon with enough patience and diligence.