Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lag Ba'Omer and the Meron Craziness


Today was a really weird day for me. Many things went wrong and it was just as if Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai was telling me to become spiritual and celebrate Lag Ba'Omer instead of running after materialistic issues. Its a long story and I am going to tell it tomorrow. In brief, I finally ended up in Jerusalem where I saw some really nice bonfires. Unfortunately I didn't have time for Mea Shearim in the end due to my materialism. However, here are some Lag Ba'Omer photos from Jerusalem. 

By the way, on my way home, I saw about twenty bonfires at Tel Aviv's secular neighbourhood Kikar HaMedina. All kinds of families had gathered lighting their own bonfires. 

A family starting its bonfire. Between the Belzer Beit Midrash in Agrippas Street and Jaffa Road (Jerusalem).

A bit further away, two bonfires were burning.

Jerusalem, Central Bus Station tonight: Mostly Haredim lining up at an extra EGGED bus counter for buying bus tickets to Meron.

Haredim storming to the Meron buses. I took this photo out of my bus to Tel Aviv. The window was quite dirty.:-)

Buses to Meron getting ready for the crowd.

Photos Miriam Woelke

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