Monday, May 21, 2012

Back in Zfat


After more than a year, I am back in Zfat (Safed). Visiting until the end of the week before returning to Jerusalem on Friday morning. As usual, I am staying at the Chabad Hostel ASCENT. Although more open minded, there are certain ideologies which really go on my nerves. Especially when it comes to me living in Tel Aviv until the end of last week. A Tel Aviv citizen is immediately referred to as totally secular. He has no idea about Judaism let alone praying "Bircat HaMazon". 

I love ASCENT but sometimes I have to explain myself too many times when it comes to me knowing a bit about the Jewish religion.:-) People see me wearing jeans and ask if I know that Shavuot is coming up after Shabbat. There are times when I laugh about dealing with prejudices but there are other days when I am tired of hearing them.:-) 

Downtown Zfat this afternoon

View to Meron

ASCENT in Zfat

The famous KOSSOV Synagogue 

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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