Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being pushed to Shiurim


Last week I spent a couple of days at the Chabad hostel ASCENT in Zfat / northern Israel. The hostel is a great place I have to say and I always like going there. Not because it is cheap but due to the atmosphere. Furthermore I like certain people working at Ascent as Big Mo (Rabbi Mordechai Siev) or Eli Naiditch. 

If you are staying at Ascent during the week, you will be constantly reminded of participating in classes (Shiurim). In the morning, at noon and in the evening at 8.30pm. In general these classes are supposed to be voluntarily and no one is actually forcing you to participate. When I was there last (more than a year ago), me and some other guests tried to escape certain Shiurim, as the teachers were just boring. As a matter of fact, we were always presented the same content every single evening: TANYA, and most of the volunteer teachers didn't seem to have a deeper clue of what they were teaching.

However, this time, it got even worse. One woman working at the reception was constantly running after me. Why I wanted to walk around in Zfat when there was a Shiur. Why I didn't participate in this and that class ? Why I am so busy doing other things ? 

Honestly, this particular woman almost destroyed my mood and, on the second day, I was ready to leave. In the morning and in the evening she was after me stalking around. I had come to Zfat to relax for a few days. Walking around in the old city, synagogues, anything. However, I didn't go to Ascent in order to be told what to do and to dedicate all my time to the hostel. 

In fact I got fed up and I am considering not to stay there anymore but finding another accomodation at my future stay in Zfat. I think that I am old enough making up my own plans and I definitely don't depend on being pushed around because a receptionist turns out to be a control freak.

I truly love Ascent but if I am going to stay there again, it won't me more than a night or two.

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