Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paraoh at the Pessach Seder


Paraoh (Barak Hussein Obama) holding his own Pessach Seder  ! What a fake !


  1. Moadim LSimcha for all Jews
    The original Pharaoh, attended Moshe's Seder, when the plague of the first born hit and he saw that the first born who did not die yet were about to overthrow him Obama, I mean Pharaoh, went to Goshen to look for Moshe and Aharon to tell them to leave and burst in on Moshe's Seder. So Obama who is not ready to leave the Jews alone made a fake seder to experience it. I wish on him all ten plagues and I suggest that IF he is still President next year all Jews send him the wine we spill during the reading of the Ten Plagues with all the curses it contains.
    As for his self hating Jewish advisors such as Axelrod, Soros,Kissinger, Waxman, Greyson, J Street etc. may they either repent or end up like the one in 50 Jews who disappeared during the Plague of Darkness

  2. This kind of vitriol makes you seem less intelligent than you are.

  3. B"H

    Any American Jew still believing in Obama must have somthing wrong in his brain. How could you have voted for a Muslim president ?
    Well, I understand the Neturei Karta or Satmar because they have their own purposes voting for Obama but any "normal" American Jew ? It looks like you want Israel destroyed and given over to the Arabs. Hopefully Obama Bin Laden is going to drown in any kind of sea.

  4. Miriam this shows you are very ignorant. But I guess that's how they taught you in giur school.

  5. B"H

    @ Anonymous

    Your are not completely stupid but also insane !

  6. Miriam Woelke, I have read your blog for quite a long time. Most of your posts have been interesting but your headlines and comments above about Barak Obama are just undignified for a serious blogger! Rasist drivel is rasist drivel even if a jew is behind.

    You call Obama a muslim, well with that kind of logic I presume that you view Rabbi Akiva a pagan/gentile, because he was not born Jewish or was at least a child of a convert: "The Ein Ya'akov cites a tradition that the person referred to was Rav Shumel bar Shilat. Other sources identify the descendant with B'nai Brak's most famous citizen, none other than Rabbi Akiva! We know that Rabbi Akiva lived in B'nai Brak from a celebrated passage in the Haggada of Pesach. The Talmud also tells us that B'nei Brak was the home of Rabbi Akiva:

    Justice, justice shalt you pursue. This means: "Follow the scholars to their academies. For example, Rabbi Eliezer to Lydda, Rabbi Johanan b. Zakkai to Beror Hail, Rabbi Yehoshua to Peki'in, Rabban Gamaliel [II] to Yavneh, Rabbi Akiva to B'nai Brak." (Sanhedrin 32b)

    We also know that Rabbi Akiva was either himself a convert or a child of converts:

    We can hardly appoint Rabbi Akiva because perhaps Rabban Gamaliel will bring a curse on him because he has no ancestral merit. (Brachot 27b. See comments of Rav Nissim Gaon.)

    Based on the combination of these sources, there are many that understand that the descendant of Haman who learned and taught Torah in B'nai Brak was, in fact, Rabbi Akiva." The quote is from

  7. B"H

    Rabbi Akiva's father (Yosef) converted to Judaism. I don't really understand what Rabbi Akiva has to do with Obama and I am sure that Rabbi Akiva would not be too happy mentioned together with Barak Hussein Obama who has proven an enemy to Israel. If not to all Jews. In this respect, you comparison is more than weird. The same with some of Haman's descendants.

    It would be great if got some more information about Obama. From the OBAMA FILES or ATLAS SHRUGS, for instance. SULTAN KNISH is also very helpful.

    Obama is a Muslim because his father was a Muslim. His entire family is Muslim and according to Islam law, this makes him a Muslim. Furthermore, why is he hiding his birth certificate ? Why did he study in Koran schools in Indonesia ? Praying from the Koran ? I don't pray from the Koran when I am not a Muslim. And I definitely didn't study in a Koran school.

    If you don't like my Obama point of view, so don't read it !