Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chabad Party at the Independence Park in Jerusalem


Jerusalem's Rehavia neighbourhood has a new Chabad Shaliach. The American Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg and his Israeli wife Shoshi have already started their action. Starting this week, Parashat Shavua Shiurim are going to take place twice a week. In Hebrew and English.

Last week, the Goldberg couple gave its introduction party at the nearby Independence Park and I took the below pictures. The Sukkah on a camel was meant to be the main attraction but my friend ran away from it. She found it was cruel to the animal. Judge for yourself !

Chabad Party at the Independence Park / Jerusalem

It was a nice event for the kids but I have to say that many other people sitting at the Independence Park didn't even know that the party is for every Jew. From far away, all the Chabad black hats looked like a private haredi party. A big sign that everyone is welcomed would have been a good idea !

Rabbi Yisroel Goldberg and his wife Shoshi.

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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