Monday, October 25, 2010

Messianic Jews and Missionary Violence


My personal opinion is that messianic Jews do not have much of a brain because otherwise they would realize their contradictions. One wild messianic side is following me and I have to say that their content is absurd. Pulling quotes out of content and the best is when they say that Chabad is running Israel's anti - missionary organization "Yad Le'Achim". I don't know how I would call this claim. Probably "stupidity".
Chabad is not running the show at all and what missionaries, including messianic idol - worshipers, usually do is spreading false rumour. I think that they are so stupid to believe it themselves.

However, Yad Le'Achim has a new warning:
Messianic Jews want to infiltrate into the Knesset.

Furthermore, the haredi site "Chadrei HaCharedim" is reporting about an incident taking place in Rishon LeZion (near Tel Aviv). The Yad Le'Achim volunteer Benny Wolkan was handing out flyers at a missionary event and got brutally attacked by a Christian missionary.


  1. Yad L'Achim was founded by a Chabad Bachur, but the organization is not run by Chabad. The same way the RCE (Rabbinical Council of Europe) has been founded by Chabad but does not represent the politics of Chabad at all.

  2. B"H

    Today, Yad Le'Achim is run by the litvishe Rabbi Dov Lipshitz and he keeps it very litvish.:-)))