Friday, October 15, 2010

Eating Bread from a non - Jewish Baker


In a place where it is difficult to obtain bread from a Jewish baker, bread of a non - Jewish baker may be eaten provided it can be ascertained that:

a) it contains no animal fat, fish - oil, butter, milk or milk - powder.

b) the tins in which it was baked were not greased with trefah (unkosher) fat.

One is not obliged to separate Challah from bread of a non - Jewish bakery.

Where Jewish - baked bread is obtainable, no other bread should be eaten, except for reasons of diet or where non - Jewish bread is of superior quality.

Home - made bread of non - Jews may not be eaten even if the ingredients are kosher.


"The new practical guide to Kashrut"
by Rabbi S. Wagschal

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