Thursday, October 14, 2010

Personal Kabbalistic Codes


Rabbi Eli Kaye from Zfat (Safed):

In the Personal Kabbalistic Codes, developed by Rabbi Eliyahu Kaye, you find the exact place your name is encoded in the Torah. Hence the ability to reveal the reflections of your personality and character traits in the content of the verses and words where the letters of your name where found.

This information serves as a source for advice, direction and guidance to self empowerment, accomplishment, happiness and a better life. Rabbi Kaye’s evaluation is based on the foundation of Kabbalistic teachings, specifically of the Baal Shem Tov, founder of the Chassidic movement.

The Personal Code relates a tremendous meaning to ones name, baring a testimony of our self awareness and ramifications upon our life.

A Personal Kabbalistic Codes session may be done to your convenience in person, over the phone or via video conference e.g. Skype, Google etc...

To make an appointment for a Personal Kabbalistic Codes session or a Lecture/Presentation and further information, Please contact:

Personal Kabbalistic Codes

Rabbi Eliyahu Kaye

Safed Israel

+972 54 84 81002

+972 4 697 3381

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