Monday, October 11, 2010

Two great women and their Zionism


Winter has arrived and it was pouring rain last night. Israel needs rain and this year, rain has arrived very early.

Today I went from Zfat to Tiberias in order to interview a PR manager of a hotel at the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret). By accident I got to the subject: A Jewish woman from Germany had left her country after Hitler came to power and settled in Israel. She worked in Jerusalem and Rishon Lezion until she was appointed to be a hotel manager in Tiberias. An amazing story although maybe not too religious.

I was interested in the story because you don't see too many Germans settling in Tiberias. Fortunately, the hotel was extremely co - operative and I was able to ask questions and make photos of a special exhibition.

Tomorrow I am having another hotel appointment in Tiberias. I will look at the "Dona Gracia" exhibition. Dona Gracia, 1510 - 1569, the great and wealthy Jewish woman from Spain ans Portugal. Due to the expulsion of the Jews from both countries, Dona Gracia moved to different places within Europe and finally ended up in Turkey where she died. Before she passed away, she took care that many European Jews found a new home in Tiberias.

Very interesting biographies about two strong Jewish women. However, Dona Gracia never made it to Tiberias but died near Istanbul.

I am going to publish two detailed reports by the middle of next week.

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