Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pictures from the Galilee

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Living in the northern Israeli town of Safed (Zfat) is not for me. There is not much going in town and I simply cannot breathe spirituality the whole day. One needs a balance and so I am moving to my balance called Tiberias. 

The main income source of Zfat is tourism but, unfortunately, many tourists have never heard the name "Zfat". When you look at history, Christians don't have anything to do with the town but for Jews, Zfat has always had a great impact. During the middle ages, most Jews in Israel lived in Zfat and the nearby Tiberias. The ARI (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria) as well as the RAMAK (Rabbi Moshe Cordovero) used to live here and teach Kabbalah to a very small circle of students.

Zfat is definitely worth a visit, no matter what your religion is. The Old City is cozy and packed with cobblestone. The most requested souvenirs are the Zfat - made Havdalah candles from the local candle factory.

There is an Egged bus leaving a few times a day from Jerusalem to Zfat. Bus no. 982 leaves from Binyanei HaUma. The ride takes about 3,5 hours (including a 15 minute break near Afula) and costs 44 Shekels (approx. 12 Dollar).

Here are some photos from Zfat:

Entering town

I will be in Zfat for a few days next week. Also tomorrwo I am going to the Galilee but not as far as Zfat:

Tiberias at the Kinneret (See of Galilee)

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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