Thursday, October 7, 2010

When Israelis travel in Israel


What makes me upset as an Israeli citizen ?
When I decide to travel in my own country, I don't have the freedom to stay at any hostel I want. If you can afford a hotel, you are lucky but when I travel, I spend most of my nights in hostels. Not always the very cheap ones but let's say "hostels". 

However, when I go to different places or, at the moment, to Tiberias, I am limited because I am an Israeli citizen without a foreign passport. Most hostels in Jerusalem (especially in the Arab Quarter of the Old City), in Tel Aviv (Gordon or Mougrabi Hostel) or in Tiberias (Aviv Hostel), the owners do not accept Israeli citizens for any dormitory rooms. Tel Aviv's Mougrabi Hostels lets you have a private room and so does the Aviv Hostel in Tiberias but they only want tourists for the dorms. The Arabs don't accept Israeli citizens at all (such as the "Petra" or the "Hebron" Hostel). 

The "Jerusalem Hostel" in Jerusalem accepts Israelis, and so do the "Hagalilee Hostel" in Tiberias or the "Sky", the "Momos" and the "Hayarkon" in Tel Aviv. Unless you have a second foreign passport. Then they let you check in otherwise you are out. No acception is made. 

The reason may be that the hostel owners think that Israeli cause too much trouble. However, the main reason is probably money. Tourists pay more and usually don't complain or make a fuss. They come and leave. 

I just find it disgusting that Israelis are not always welcomed in their own country.  

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