Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dona Gracia Nasi Mendes


A great video about the life of Dona Gracia (1510 - 1569). Dona Gracia who tried to help European Jewry escaping the Inquisition by bringing them to Tiberias. Unfortunately, the plan failed because Dona Gracia died.

However, the video includes a few mistakes:

1. Dona Gracia wasn't reported to the Italian authorities by her servant but by her sister. Before, her brother - in - law had died and left all his money including the business to Dona Gracia and not to his wife. He obviously felt that Dona Gracia would be the better businesswoman of the two sisters. Her sister was so upset that she reported Dona Gracia as a secret Jew. A stupid act because both sister got arrested.

2. Dona Gracia died near Istanbul but is NOT buried in Jerusalem. In fact, no one knows the exact location of her grave.

3. Dona Gracia wanted to settle the Jews in Tiberias but not in Safed (Zfat). Some people say Tiberias and Zfat but it actually was only Tiberias.

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