Monday, October 4, 2010

Your rights as an Israeli Employee


Once you have made Aliyah and joined the Israeli workforce (as a citizen), you should be aware of your rights. I admit that, many times, I wasn't aware of my rights and when you ask your employer, you sometimes don't get any clear answer. Or he may throw at you all kinds of excuses he can get away with.

I am leaving my bakery job in Jerusalem at the end of this month, as I am moving to the northern part of the country, and now I have to deal with the "Pitzuim - Separation Payment" issue. 

Regarding all kinds of rights on the Israeli jobmarket, I found some interesting informative links I would like to share with you.

 First of all, here is a detailed list with your rights as an Israeli employee:

The obligations of your employer:

Additional information:

What says the law ?
The following link is in HEBREW !

The Israeli Ministry of Labour:

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