Monday, October 11, 2010

Dates to Parshat LECH LECHA


This week's Parasha will be Parashat LECH LECHA. Avraham is leaving Ur Kasdim and is settling in Eretz Israel (then: Canaan). Avraham was born in Ur Kasdim (today's Iraq) in 1948 (from creation). Sarah was born in 1958. They married in 1973. In the year 2000, Avraham escapes Nimrod's fiery furnace and the family flees to Charan (today's Syria). In the year 2003, G - d reveals Himself to Avraham and tells him to go to "the land which I will show you". Avraham travels to the land of Canaan, leavin his father Terach, his brother Nachor and his nephew Lot in Charan. On reaching Shechem he builds an altar and offers sacrifices to G - d. He moves progressively southwards towards Jerusalem.

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