Monday, October 18, 2010

DONA GRACIA Festival in Tiberias


I am very much into the history of the great medieval personality DONA GRACIA (1510 - 1569) and, at the moment, collecting all kinds of material in order to write about her. Furthermore, I have been to the Dona Gracia Hotel in Tiberias and visited their great exhibition. My detailed article is coming out soon; however, for those people who are interested:

A Dona Gracia Festival is going to take place in Tiberias / Northern Israel this November.

I will be there and writing about the festival for those who aren't in Israel and, unfortunately, cannot participate in the great event.


  1. If you don't know the book:

    Cecil Roth, Doña Gracia of the House of Nasi.

  2. B"H

    Thanks a lot !!!
    The book was also recommended by my Tiberias tour guide through the "Dona Gracia Hotel".