Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ice - cream at "Sisalek"


How is "Sisalek" doing two weeks after its opening ?

I was there yesterday and the new ice - cream store was packed. Finally the haredi population in the Ge'ulah / Mea Shearim (Jerusalem, Malchei Israel Street) has the most kosher ice - cream. Kosher but expensive.

When I was there, the store was packed but mostly with wealthier Litvaks. Who from Mea Shearim can afford buying an ice - cream ball for 8 Shekels (2 Dollar) ?

"Sisalek" started off with two separate gender entrances but now has only ONE entrance for anyone. Men and women were sitting together but it looks like that many people walk in, see the price list, faint or just ask for some ice - cream to try out the flavours. This way they receive a little spoon, take a taste and then leave.

"Sisalek" has a parve and dairy (milchig) section. I chose two ice - cream balls for 14 Shekels (approx. 3 Dollar). Homemade cherry - chocolate and date ice. Parve.
Forget about the cherry flavour but the date ice - cream was delicious. Expensive and I feel sorry for haredi families whose kids drive them nuts about going to "Sisalek". However, once in a while, I will go and have an ice - cream.

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