Monday, September 20, 2010

The grave of the RAMBAM in Tiberias, Part 1


Last Thursday I also went to the grave of the RAMBAM (Maimonides, 1135 - 1204) and here are the photos. Wikipedia mentions that there is a discussion about whether the grave in Tiberias is really the one of the Rambam or if her was buried in Egypt where he died.

"Welcome to the grave of the Rambam ! Please respect the holiness of this place !"

The Rambam's grave can be found in downtown Tiberias. Only a 5 minute walk away from the Central Bus Station. Before you enter the complex you have to pass a few souvenir stands (see above).

I don't know whose idea this was:
The 13 Principles of Faith hanging next to the toilet !

Walking up to the grave.

Before you get to the actual Rambam grave, to your left you can find further graves of very famous Rabbis. However, I will put those pictures into the blog a little later and first only concentrate on the Rambam himself.

The Mechitzah (separation between men and women) was pretty new to me. The last time I was there, the grave was accessible for anyone and we sat around the grave in a circle. Men and women together.

Photos: Miriam Woelke

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