Thursday, July 23, 2009



Sometimes I feel guilty because, at the moment, I am mostly writing about one case:

The arrested Mea Shearim mother.

I don't intend turning the blog into a "Mea Shearim Mother Blog" even if it may give you the impression. However, Jerusalem is boiling and wherever you go people ask you:

"So, on which side are you ?"
All kinds of Jerusalemites ask you that question; no matter if secular or any religious. People are divided but, in the end, no one is really sure anyone of what to believe because there are so many different reports.

I apologize for hardly mentioning any other subject ! Nevertheless, see it from this point of view: Through the mother case, you learn a lot about haredi society.:-)


  1. Apolgy accapted on the condtion that you give us ome intresting stories before Shabbos

  2. B"H

    I do have stories but all of them are connected to the accused mother.

    Haredi society in Jerusalem hardly has another subject and last night, I spoke to one of our Mashgichim at the bakery.

    The first question is always:

    "On which side are you ?"

    Answer: "I don't know !"

  3. i dont know what Jerusalem you live in, but in the Jerusalem i live in we actually talk about other things.........

  4. "What side are you on?"

    "Personally, I'm on the side of the rioting masses who are burning tires, smashing property and making death threats because the police have arrested someone accused of starving a small child. This is an emeninently sensible and socially minded way of approaching the issue as I have no regard for due process of the law for I am an adherent of ethical monotheism."

  5. B"H

    I know many religious and we do talk about something else but always end up talking about the mother. Even now on the bus ride to Tel Aviv.

    A ? haredi ? guy sat down next to me and told me that there actually is no Issur of sitting next to a woman. His second justification was that he is 1.90m tall and his feet need space.

    Some Haredim really have a great imagination, I have to say !

    After telling me how important he is (relative of the Satmarer Teitelbaum's), we got to the mother subject, and he claimed that the mother is guilty.

    When I arrived in Tel Aviv, a friend of my was asking right away if there are further demonstrations in Jerusalem.

    On which side I am on ?
    So far, I have listened to opinions reaching from "the poor innocent mother" to "the death penalty for the mother" !

    It says that the mother is remaining under house arrest. Maybe we should all visit her over Shabbat !

  6. Miriam,

    Thank you so much for sharing your point of view.
    For me the mother is innocent as long the contrary could not be clearly proven.



  7. B"H

    There are still many contradictions indeed. Looks like Yaakov Litzman from Chassidut Gur may get her out. The Toldot Aharon should have asked him for his help earlier, as Litzman is the guy with the connections.