Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest Pashkevilim

The Beit Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital is compared to Dr. Joseph Mengele (murderer in Auschwitz). On the bottom it says that the child Chaim Yehudah Leib ben Yente Markovitz is still kept as a hostage by the hospital.

The family name is Markovitz.
As far as I know the father of the child English but the arrested mother comes from an old Yerushalmi family whose name I won't mention here. The above family name I only mentioned because it says it on the poster !

Against the "Zionist" Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital

Hadassah Ein Kerem is just like Dr. Joseph Mengele. The hospital is practicing experiments on human beings (such as the boy).

The arrested mother has been accused of suffering from the Muenchhausen Syndrom. The accusation, however, has proven not to be true. The psychiatrist Dr. Yaakov Weil treated the mother and stated that there is nothing wrong with her.

How the doctors failed in healing the child


  1. Why do they write the full name of the child in the pashkevilim?

    They are the one who do not protect the privacy of the members.

    Form hareidi sites, I learned
    - the first names of the child
    - the maiden name of the mother
    - the first name of the mother
    - the first name of her mother
    - and the present surname of mother and child...

  2. B"H

    Maybe that other people can pray for the mother and her child.

    The maiden name of the mother:
    Maybe in order to show that she comes from a well - respected old family.

    By the way, most Chassidim in Jerusalem know the names anyway. Even those who don't necessarily read the Pashkevilim in Mea Shearim.