Sunday, August 7, 2011

Who are the NA NACH NACHMANS ?


No mentioning of the "Daniel Ambash Scandal" has appeared in the haredi press. Rather everyone is still concentrating on the murder of Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira. Even the secular press doesn't jump on the abuse scandal regarding the "Na Nach Nachman Me’Uman" movement. The leftists have discovered their counterparts organizing the mass demonstrations protesting high rents and costs of living.

In order to write about Daniel Ambash and the whole environment, one has to know some details about the "Na Nach" movement. Not everything what it says on Wikipedia is correct and Rabbi Israel Odesser was a controversial figure himself.

On Tuesday night, after Tisha be'Av is over, I am going to publish the first article of a short series regarding the Breslover "Na Nach" movement. I wanted to do it tonight but the article includes two videos where also music is being played. Tisha be'Av is the reason for the delay, as we don't listen to music until, at least, Tuesday night.

The Breslover Ba'alei Teshuva, New Age, groups are anything but romantic. They love to appear friendly and spiritual but when you have a look behind the scenes, you see a cult about Rabbis such as Eliezer Berland and Shalom Arush as well as money issues. Selling books, DVDs, CDs or bumper stickers under the name of Rabbi Nachman in order to make money for themselves.

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