Saturday, August 13, 2011

The "secret" Tent Demonstration in Tel Aviv


Further mass demonstrations against high rent and cost of living are taking place tonight. The main event is going to be in Beersheva so that opponents cannot claim that all protest comes from Tel Aviv. The demonstrators want to make a point and let Netanyahu know that the entire country demands social justice. In order to attract more people, left - wing organizers turn the demonstrations into a Woodstock festival where famous Israeli popstars perform. Shlomo Artzi, Shiri Maimon and now the Sephardi Kitsch singer Eyal Golan. Maybe the English looters should take over the Israeli idea and get some popstars involved.:-)

The demonstrators are anxious getting publicity but a few days ago, I passed a kind of "secret" demonstration where the participants were not too excited getting their pictures taken by me. The leftists got a bunch of illegal Africans together and set up some tents at Levinsky Parks across Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station. In Israel, even ILLEGALS demand their rights ! Citizenship, financial support ... and if we don't do it, we are Nazis and racists. 

What those illegal Africans need is immediate deportation and no tent !

 For a few years, Africans have been populating the Levinsky Park. Hanging around, dealing with drugs, theft or running to the prostitutes. The entire area around the Central Bus Station has become "Little Africa". 

African tent demonstration.

A member of the left - wing organizers (looks like from the SHATIL group) is singing to African children. 



  1. B'H

    After that, they will get the right to marry our Jeiwsh daughters! Disgusting! You said "the Jewish State"?

    Leftists have mud in their eyes!

  2. B"H

    There are very few marriages between Blacks and white Israelis in Israel. The reasons are a bit rassist because most girls don't want a black guy. Today, girls want money, a good life and a career. Most Blacks, no matter whether Ethiopian Jews or African illegals, are uneducated and work and live in dumbs.

  3. Like I mentioned before about all this nonsense. Instead of sitting around protesting understand the reality that properties are over priced in Tel Aviv.

    If you can't afford it then find an area you can afford to live in.

  4. B'H

    A very good news. Finally!

  5. B"H

    Many times those Africans are being paid by the Israeli government in order to agree and return to where they came from.

    I took new photos of the Levinsky Park area yesterday and will put them into this blog within the next few days. Africans all over the place and they even rule shops and coffee / tea places in Bnei Brak, Finn (Pinn) and HaShomron Street. Let alone the drug and prostitution business.

    Those streets are close to the Levinsky Park, for those who are interested in directions and maps.:-)