Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Leftist Millionaire Daniel Avraham donating to tent demonstrations


Rotter.Net ( as well as the Israeli TV channel ARUTZ 10 report that the mass demonstration taking place last Mozzaei Shabbat (Saturday night) was financed by the left - wing American Jewish millionaire Daniel Avraham. 

300,000 Israels were demonstrating against high rents and cost of living. For over a month now, various Israeli students and others have been living and demonstrating in tents at Tel Aviv's posh Rothschild Boulevard, Nordau Boulevard, in Jerusalem and many other cities. Not everyone demonstrating is left - wing and even in Rothschild, you find some religious Jews living in tents. Nevertheless, the people behind the demonstration and financing it are extreme left - wingers who are just using the true participants for their purposes: Overthrowing the Netanyahu government and tunring the country into a social left - wing and pro - Palestinian piece of nowhere land. 

The 87 - year - old wealthy Daniel Avraham doesn't even live in Israel but he thinks that money does everything for him. He is ancient but still wants to destroy our country although he has no clue about life in Israel. Furthermore, he is known for opposing setttlements and supporting Palestinian and Israeli left - wing politicians.

This is exactly what Israel needs: An old fart coming along with his money and telling us how to change our life.:-))))

TV report from ARUTZ 10


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