Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hare Krishna Comments


Already a year ago, I wrote about the Hare Krishna sect prostelyzing in Israel.

Their center is in Ben Yehudah Street (20 ?) and every Friday night (shortly before Shabbat comes in) as well as on Shabbat (before Shabbat ends), you can see a bunch of Krishnas singing and dancing at the Tel Aviv beach. Not too far away from their center.

Most of them are actually Russians or anything else foreign looking. It may give the impression of a romantic cult with all this "Hare, Hare" stuff and people dressed in Far Eastern clothing style. However, I passed the Krishna center in the morning when a guy was standing outside and told a young Krishna woman to walk around and sell all the stuff. Meaning books and brochures.
What if she doesn't sell it ?

I keep on getting comments on my old article and I have never seen such slimy people as the Krishnas. Worshipping idols but trying to tell Jews what to believe.

Even if I was interested in any cult, I would not choose such creepy group !


  1. You don't need to publish this, just a heads up to you- don't inhale their incense as you pass by their place. Cults and other religions like them imbed their (false) gods in the aromas. That's what one of the rebbes that I studied with said. Inhalation contamination of ruach, so to speak.

  2. B"H

    On the one hand, you are right but, on the other hand, people should no what kind of cults are setteling in Tel Aviv. No one really speaks out against it.

  3. B'H

    There are plenty of verses in the Torah which say "Don't follow the practices of the Goyum", "You shall not emulate them", "The things you saw in Egypt, you shall not reproduce them", etc. My Rabbi always commented that the reason why those verses are repeated is to teach us that in order to avoid Avodah Zarah and not reproduce their practices, we need to know at a certain degree what they do and believe. One of the reasons why so many Jews are easy prey for missionnaries is because they are ignorant of what the missionnary believe and of their tactics, while missionnaries know every thing about our religion and how to catch us. Only educated Jews can fight back efficiently the missionnaries. When they see that we are not so ignorant and we know what their Avodah Zarah is, they will leave you alone! It does NOT mean that every Jew should buy a X-tian Bible (it's forbidden to have such books in a Jewish home), but learn about their belief on JEWISH anti-missionnary websites. They are plenty as Outreach Judaism, Jews for Judaism, Yad LeAchim and many others. The more educated you are the less vulnerable you are! Is it not written in the Torah: "My people die by a lack of knowledge"?

  4. B"H

    There are sites informing about Christian missionaries and their tactics:

    Rabbi Tuvia Singer


    The less educated, the easier a missionary is choosing you for his purposes. That's right but secular Israelis don't see the danger.