Thursday, August 4, 2011

Daniel Ambash and his six Wives


Daniel Ambash was arrested due to women and child abuse. Here you can see a TV report in HEBREW ! 

I haven't seen any reports on haredi news sites. Maybe because the majority of the haredi world considers the Nana Movement as nuts.

The real true original Breslovers you find in Mea Shearim. They don't accept Ba'alei Teshuva among themselves and this is the reason why split offs designed for Ba'alei Teshuva exist. Just look at Rabbi Eliezer Berland, Rabbi Lazer Brody, Rabbi Shalom Arush and the Na Nach Nachma Nachman Me'uman movements. Especially Rabbi Berland as well as Shalom Arush accept many "former" criminals. People who were in jail but then did Teshuva. Nevertheless, born Haredim don't really won't to be neighbours of former criminals and who says that those guys have changed their ways ?


  1. amazing amazing, thanks so much for posting this video, i never knew Israeli's produce such nice TV!!!

    Where can i read about the last part, regarding that incident in the Lebanon war?

    I couldn't really understand all that modern ivrit...

  2. was he arrested again recently? can you post a link to the news article in hebrew? thanks in advance.

  3. B"H

    Here is an older HAARETZ aricle about Ambash in Hebrew:

    He was arrested a week or a few weeks ago and the case was only published a few days ago. It sounds severe and I don't understand how people kept quiet although many obviously knew.

    Israel has great documentary series and you can find many on Youtube ! In Hebrew !

  4. B'H

    Very interesting!

    But that Ivrit spoken in the Medinah with all its new words and grammar is definitely a real issue for Charedim (eventhough I could understand maybe 80% of the documentary; the other 20% you can guess from the context).

  5. B"H

    Israelis love to use lots of abbreviations and slang words. That may be a problem for non - motherspeakers.:-)))

  6. B'H

    While it's obvious this guy should be condemned and put in jail, as he committed horrible crimes (abusing and raping deffendless women and children), I don't understand the double standard policy. Arabs and Druzes in the medinah have many many wives and nobody care. But when it comes to Jews, it's another story. Perverts like Ambash and his cult should not be taken as an example that "having many wives is immoral or wrong and always lead to such horrible acts", the same way that a guy who beats his wife should not be taken as an example that "This is what men are all about! All the men beat their wives, etc." There are abuses in all kinds of relationships, whether monogamous or polygamous. Don't take me wrong: I'm not advocating polygamous relationships, but things are not all white or all black, whatever the kind of relationships you are involved in.

    You don't§ have to be a pervert and have so many wives to have many children. Here is the example of a Chabad couple living in the medinah with, B'H, 19 children (and apparently, the wife gave birth to a 20th recently):

  7. B'H

    Here is another documentary about the same Chabad family (with a better quality, as I noticed that the sound was very poor with the previous one):

    It can take time to load, but if you want avoiding waiting, you can dowaload it in a MP4 format.

  8. Is the Mea Shearim community the ONLY offspring from the original breslav community? are the ones in Tzefat, Netanya etc all teshuva? Cause i thought that even though the breslav community in mea shearim were more similar to Satmar if anything, in their insularity and anti-zionism.. That maybe the other more "liberal" divisions within breslav were rooted from the original breslovers, but they took a different direction.. More like chabad.. And what do the Mea shearim breslavers think about the other directions within breslav.. like the na nachs..

  9. 6 Wives? How did the authorities not pick up on this?

    Surely someone saw something.

    Gut Shabbos

  10. B"H

    I am not sure whether he officially married all of them. if the Rabbanut had given a permission or if he just went to some Rabbi he knows and got a permission from there. Anyway, I will find out !

    Shabbat Shalom

  11. B"H

    About Netanya I don't know but you are right with a certain Breslov group in Zfat !!! Despite the fact that the Nana Breslovers are also big in Zfat. However, the serious Breslover group you are talking about is located above the famous cemetery and very well respected.


    He was a former ballet dancer, with the Maurice Béjart company. How can a ballet dancer fall so low?

    He had a first child with fellow dancer Maguy Marin, they separated around 1984.

  13. B"H

    It says in the video that the Ambash's live near the Machane Yehudah Market but in a former HAARETZ article it says that they live in Lifta (at the entrance to Jerusalem) and he sends his kids bagging on the highway to Tel Aviv.

    Daniel Ambash states in the video that he is married to one wife and, although he calls the other five women his wives, they live with him but they are not officially married !

    1. Letter sent to Dina Abramson 360 reporter:

      Daniel Ambash was one of my closest friends during the years of my involvement with the Na Nach Breslov Chassidic movement, from 1991-1997. We collaborated on a number of translation and other projects together. Some of this work can be found on these websites.

      He also was a deeply compassionate person, warm and friendly, who loved to have guests in his home for Shabbat.

      His wife, Ilana, was supportive of all his endeavors, as well as a very efficient homemaker raising a large and growing family. They also had Rabbi Odesser as a guest in their apartment for frequent long stays, which imposed no small hardship on their family but which they accepted cheerfully. In short, Daniel and Ilana struck me as an ideal couple with an ideal family life.

    2. A website by Daniel Ambash's four remaining wives trying to vindicate him: http://www.דניאלאמבש.com/perjury/

  14. B"H

    To me it looks as if Ilana used to be a kind of a boss of all his other wives. My understanding of a marriage is that there are wife and husband and not a husband longing for further wives.

    I am just having one question:
    How come your link is leading me to a Christian site ?

    1. Because partially as a result of my involvement with this group, I left the haredi world and converted to Christianity.

      Thanks for posting my comment. And I am happy if you want to write to me by email:

      mevashir620 AT yahoo DOT com

  15. B"H

    I don't think that someone joining the Na Nach Movement is converting to Christianity afterwards. One has nothing to do with the other. A Jew converting to Christianity is a terrible thing.

    I once heard an American talking that he used to be Breslov but converted to Christianity. I overheard this when the young convert spoke to a few Messianics but they were not even interested in him. Having trouble adjusting into the haredi world doesn't mean to give up and convert to idol - worship. There are always other solutions and it is wrong running to the complete opposite just because of some disappointment or anger.