Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ride on Jerusalem's new Tram


The tram started running last Friday and the rides are for free for the next two weeks. I will try it out tomorrow and make some photos.:-)


  1. Wait until people have to pay to get on...

  2. B'H

    ...we can also add: wait untill Charedim will ask for segregated trams or protest against it or vandalize it.

    I'm quite sure one of the above three situations will happen.

    I can already hear the Sikrikim shouting: "Jerusalem is a Holy City!"

  3. B"H

    There already have been discussions.:-))) But don't forget that Sikarikim as well as Toldot Aharon and others of the Edah don't use any Zionist public Egged transprotation anyway.:-)

    Tomorrow I want to write about a sign I saw on an Egged bus yesterday. Unfortunatley I forgot to take a picture of it but I will discuss the issue in the blog. :-)