Tuesday, August 16, 2011

G - d's Will before and during the Creation Process


From the kabbalistic book YEDID NEFESH:
In order to build or create something, we need a WILL (Hebrew: Ratzon). First comes the will to do something but this very first step doesn't yet include details or further ideas. Plain WILL only. 

Our human will consists of the following steps:

1. Will

2. Thinking  / Planning

3. Execution

I want to build a table.
For building a table I need wood, a hammer and nails.
I start building the table.

But how did G - d's will look like when He created the universe ?

Fact is that we can neither understand nor comprehend G - d's will. How could we as human finite and mortal beings ? G - d Himself created us with a limited (human) understanding and thus, we are not able to understand an immortal, perfect, complete and infinite being. A being without any form and matter.

Only G - d Himself knows His will and thoughts. Within His will and thinking period, everything is invisble for us. G - d only showed us His will openly when He started His creation process. Then we finally saw G - d's will.

Why did G - d, as the perfect being, didn't create a perfect universe ? 
There are two different kinds of will of G - d. A g - dly will acting in an absolute perfect sense, and a g - dly will acting on a limited basis. Limited by G - d Himself, as he apparently has certain plans for His creation. Otherwise he could have created us as perfect beings.


Photo: Miriam Woelke

Source: YEDID NEFESH by Rabbi Yechiel Avraham Barlev

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