Friday, August 26, 2011

Security Thoughts on Parashat Re'eh


Parashat Re'eh talks about a blessing and a curse. If we Jews do what G - d is commanding us to do, He will take care of us and we, on the other hand, will have a good life.

I am not saying that we have such a bad life at the moment; although many Jews may not yet follow all commandments.:-)

However, it is Parashat Re'eh reminding me of the lecture we had at work yesterday. A young female soldier came to my workplace and explained how we should behave in case of danger. The soldier was from the "Pikud Ha'Oref - Homefront Command" and she started her lecture with the earthquake issue. In Israel, minor earthquakes are quite common but scientist predict a devastating quake within the next twenty years or so. Maybe earlier, maybe tomorrow, maybe next months or in twenty - five years. 
Who knows ?

The earth has been shaking a lot in Zfat and Tiberias lately. About two weeks ago, there was a minor quake in the Tel Aviv area. I didn't feel it but read it in the paper on the next day.

What did the Pikud Ha'Oref teach us yesterday ?
First of all to run out of a building as soon as an earthquake is coming up. Anyone being on an upper floor should at least go to the staircase where he may have an easier escape.

Once a quake is taking place, rush outside and remain there until the Pikud Ha'Oref informs you that the danger is over. There are always minor earthquakes following a big one and this is why people should stay outside of buildings.

Another case and it probably sounds impossible regarding Israel: A heavy earthquake may be followed by a Tzunami. Believe it or not, Tzunamis have occured in Israel. Already a few hundred years ago but they did take place.

The second part of the lecture was, of course, how to behave when a missile attack occurs. Not Kassamim or Grad rockets from Gaza but missiles in a big war. Lets say when Arab countries such as Lebanon or Syria attack.

If you are inside a building and the sirens go off, the best place to be is on one of the middle floors in the building. Hide under a table but don't stand next to a outside wall of the room. Furthermore, the soldier showed us how to use a gas mask. The filter lasts for six hours and you can even drink, as there is a short pipe installed in the mask. In case of a biological attack, use bottled water only and when you open a bottle and drink through the pipe of your gas mask, always leave about three centimeters of water left in the bottle. Biological substances will get into the water and this is the reason why you shouldn't drink all of it.

One of my colleagues said that Tel Aviv doesn't have the Iron Dome (Kipat Barzel), as Beersheva or Ashkelon do. It was funny when the soldier said that once Tel Aviv is getting attacked, the Iron Dome will move over to Tel Aviv and be taken away from the south. No, the soldier didn't say that Tel Aviv is more important to protect but the excuse was: "Once the Hamas is shooting missiles on Tel Aviv, they (the Hamasniks) won't stop anymore and forget about all the other places !"

After going a bit through Parashat Re'eh and having the lecture yesterday, I just hope that we are on the blessing side when something serious is happening ! Especially because I don't believe in staircases and tables. :-)

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