Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parashat EKEV - פרשת עקב

Is G - d going to provide us with our needs ? The Shopping Mall "Dizengoff Center" in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Parashat Ekev is mostly an encouragement for the Jews and it makes us feel good studying it. G - d begins by listing all the miracles happening in the wilderness and that we (the Jews) should always remember them. The RAMBAN states that the 40 years in the wilderness stand for a proof how G - d is providing sufficient food for all of us.

Many times we may worry too much about whether we have enough money to make a living. Personally I know many religious Jews saying that G - d will take care of each of us and we simply need enough trust in Him. If we do the first step and make an effort to make a living, e.g. look for a job, G - d will help us on the way to our goal. Not always openly and with many hinderances but behind the scenes.

It is very hard for me following this concept. On the one hand, I know that this is true but, on the other hand, of course I sometimes worry. Making a living in Israel is not that easy. Especially not as a new immigrant -  due to many reasons. Of course, almost everyone in this country worries, as everything costs lots of money. And there are familie not having enough food and depending on Chesed organizations. In the end, no one is starving to death but, at the same time, we cannot get rid of our worries and take the Israelits in the desert as an example of perfect trust in G - d.

Today we may be lacking in trust but it could be the worries forcing us to do the first step in order to improve a situation.

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