Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Bracha do we say over cookie ice - cream ?


Photo: Kwarnke

I like it very much; the cream ice – cream with the cookies inside. The question is “What kind of Bracha do you make over it ?”

“She HaKol” for the cream + “Mezonot” for the cookies or anything else ?

In fact, the answer is to take a cookie piece first and say “Mezonot”. Afterwards take some cream and say “She HaKol”. Please note that the Mezonot – Bracha has to be said first !

The Bracha Achronah depends on how fast you eat a Kzayit of cookies. It says that if you eat a Kzayit of the cookie portion within four minutes, you have to say “Al HaMichiya”. If you eat cream and cookies totally mixed together and there is less than a Kzayit within the four minutes, “Boreh Nefashot” is being said.

I don’t know if this is halachically accepted but, personally, I would say “Al HaMichiya” and afterwards “Boreh Nefashot”.


A Bracha Guide from the OU

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