Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mea Shearim: The Sikarikim in Action


Less than a month ago, the haredi site KIKAR.NET published a video recorded by the security camera of the bookstore "Or HaChaim". You can see a guy first trying to break in and, later on, he is destroying the glass door.

To me, the guy somehow looks Chabad with his Kneitsch in the hat but I may be wrong. I heard that the store is owned by Gerrer Chassidim and Mea Shearim is not too excited about Chassidut Gur. 


Photos from Beit Warsha


  1. B'H

    There is a rumor which says that they sell secular books. Is it true?

  2. B'H

    He wear his hat as a Lubavitcher and in the first picture, I may be wrong, but it seems that his tallis katan has some black stripes, which is typical of a Chabad Tallis Katan.

    But there is no way to know for sure if he is a Lubavitcher.

  3. B"H

    I have never been inside the bookstore but cannot imagine that they sell regular books. The sho is located at Mea Shearim Street and I assume that they may sell some modern story books about how a secular Jew became religious or something like that.

    I will be in the area next week and may walk into the store. :-))) One thing I have to say: The store looks posh from the outside and someone has invested lots of money.

  4. "The store looks posh from the outside and someone has invested lots of money."

    Don't forget that we''re talking about Gur! Gur has plenty of money (bli ayin hara), so nothing surprizing!

    Maybe it's one of the reasons people in Meah Shearim don't like Chasidus Gur (beside the fact that they are actively involved in the Zionist governement).

  5. B"H

    Well, without Yaakov Litzman and the Belzer Rebbe, our government doesn't seem to function.:-)

    I will go to the store next week and hopefully Gur lets me in.:-)