Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chabad boycotting Avraham Fried


The American Lubavitcher singer Avraham Fried is giving a concert in Afula (northern Israel) on Tuesday, 23 August 2011.

To tell you the truth: I only read now that Avraham Fried is a Lubavitcher, as I am not interested in these modern stuff from him or Mordechai Ben David or any Reva Le'Sheva or whatever their names are. Sometimes Lipa is okay but he looks as if he has become arrogant. This is, at least, my impression.

But coming back to Avraham Fried and his concert:
The poster says that "separate seating" is only taking place for those who sit on the grass nearby. People standing in front of the stage will probably be mixed. Now different Chabad Rabbis are announcing a boycott regarding the Fried concert. See more HERE !

Just to remind Chabad:
I think it was in September or October 2007, when Chabad itself gave a concert in Rehov Hannah in Jerusalem. There was or still is a tradition that during Sukkot, the Chabad Center near Bar Ilan Street organizes a big concert including Rabbi's speeches and fireworks. 

Until 2007, no Mechitzah (gender separation) had been offered and on Sukkot 2007, other haredi groups asked for a boycott but, at the same time, announced a demonstration. Me and friend went. First to the Chabad event where we liked the fireworks. Then it got a bit boring and we switched over to the demonstration nearby.:-)

I have to say that this time, Chabad had arranged a gender separation due to the protests.

The demonstration was far more lively. Action with the police who tried to protect the Chabad event. About 100 demonstrators from all kinds of haredi backgrounds were around. Stealing the police chiefs hat and a Chassid being dumped into a border police jeep jumped out and tried to escape. Without much success. 

I am just mentioning the 2007 incident because it immediately came into my mind when I heard about the missing Mechitzah.

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  1. B'H

    After the complains of some Chabadnikim who wanted to take part in the concert, Rav Yeshayahu Herzl clarified the reason why they asked the concelment:

    In other word: if you are secular, go ahead and take part in the concert, but if you are Charedi, you are forbidden to do so as a Religious Jew has no place in a concert.

    And on a personal note, the old Avraham Fried's album were very good as they were mainly Chabad niggunim and old styled Chassidic music. But it's true that recently, his music, as MBD's, is too modern, and I, too, don't like it. As for Lipa, the only thing I like, is that he sings mainly in Yiddish, but as for his music style, I don't even think it appropriate especially for the young generation.