Monday, August 8, 2011

On the Road: Tel Aviv - Petach Tikvah - Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Tel Aviv


Tisha be’Av is not the reason for me being on the road today.  First I went to Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv in order to update my photo collection of the tent demonstration. By the way, there are now further tent demonstrations. One across the Central Bus Station where foreign workers demonstrate for their rights. Foreign ILLEGAL workers want Israeli citizenship or, at least, stay in the country for good. I just wonder how Europe or the US would react if their illegals start demonstrating and demanding. Especially when many of them are drug dealers and thieves. 

Further tent demonstrations are in the southern Tel Aviv neighbourhood Shechunat HaTikvah and in the posh northern part in Nordau Boulevard. 

Anyway, after Rothschild I took the bus to Petach Tikvah. A town near Bnei Brak. When you come from Tel Aviv, you first cross Ramat Gan, then Bnei Brak and afterwards you are in Petach Tikvah. A local bus ride for the local price. 

Then I went back to Tel Aviv, phoned a friend in Jerusalem and ended up taking the bus to Jerusalem. The Machane Yehudah Market was about to close when I did the shopping. At least I got some Tisha be'Av feeling and when I passed the Belzer Yeshiva in Agrippas Street on my way back to the Central Bus Station, there was a "Megillath Eicha" reading nearby and I listened a bit. 

Getting off the bus in Tel Aviv, I was surpised because it was unusually quiet. Restaurants and bars are closed and even the supermarket chain AM:PM shut its doors. The municipality is threatening everyone with a fine and thus, Tisha be'Av found its way to Tel Aviv.:-)

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