Monday, August 15, 2011

The Demonstration at Rothschild Boulevard: "What the media doesn't tell you"


At least once a week I am going to Rothschild Boulevard in order to see what's new at the tent demonstration against high rents and cost of living. By the way, so far, Tel Aviv's landlords are not impressed by all the mass demonstrations and no rent whatsoever has been lowered. Just the opposite: The demand for housing in Tel Aviv is extremely high, as there are jobs around the coastal area. People living in Jerusalem don't have such a big variety of jobs opportunities and especially not the higher salary paid in Tel Aviv. 

It may be a little unfair that I am always visiting the demonstration at Rothschild Boulevard, as there are various others such as in Florentin, at the Central Bus Station, in Shechunat HaTikvah, at the Ben Gurion as well as the Nordau Boulevard. However, the seven people in charge of the demonstrations reside in the Rothschild tents. Although I am not sure whether they really stay there overnight. 

Just a few days ago, an online news site reported that those seven walk around with their iPhones, take taxis to Shimon Peres' residence in Jerusalem and behave like movie stars. 
The report reminded me of a previous tent demonstration taking place about eight years ago. Then the single mother Vicky Knafo and further single mothers were demonstrating in front of the Finance Ministry in Jerusalem. And guess who was the finance minister ?
Prime Minister was Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu was his Finance Minister !

From the beginning, the single mother tent demonstration was sponsored by a left - wing organization called SHATIL. Shatil's main goal is to knock out Netanyahu, as we still see at the present demonstration. However, eight years ago, Vicky Knafo became a media star. The simple uneducated woman from Mitzpe Ramon found herself in the limelight and enjoyed herself too much. The poor version of "Madonna", so to speak. But suddenly, Vicky had a new cellphone. Obviously provided by Shatil. She received paid taxis to the broadcasting companies. Paid by Shatil. When the other demonstrators threw her out for a week or two (because Vicky had taken too much cash for herself from the demonstration fund), a Shatil employee gave her shelter in his private apartment located in the Rehavia neighbourhood. This is why I am not surprised at all when the seven present heads of the demonstrations run around with iPhones and love taxi rides. 

From what I witnessed today, the Rothschild demonstrators and the media have become best friends. They know each others names, say HELLO and, without any doubt, the head demonstrators love the cameras and the attention. No wonder that one of the ordinary demonstrators bursted out last Friday. "The seven self - appointed leaders would just show off, put themselves in front of any camera, talk nonsense and nothing has been achieved so far !" The guy saying this is right. 

What no political Agenda ?
I took the photos on 15 August 2011.

Copyright / Photos: Miriam Woelke

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