Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Breslover Abuse Scandal


Yesterday's Israeli paper ISRAEL HAYOM on the Na Nach Nachman - Breslov scandal. So far, the name DANIEL AMBASH does not appear too many times and the papers keep on calling him "Suspect". He is accused of enslaving women, sending them to work and stealing their salaries. Furthermore, he is accused of mental and physical abuse. Threatening the women and children. Sexual abuse and rape.

Two further Breslovers have been arrested too.

So far, the Israeli haredi online press has not yet mentioned one word about the whole case. They keep on reporting about the murder of Baba Elazar but completely leave out the Breslov abuse scandal !

Here are articles in English but leaving out the name of Daniel Ambash:

Personally, I am not at all into the Breslover Ba'al Teshuva movements such as Rabbi Eliezer Berland, Rabbi Shalom Arush or Rabbi Lazer Brody or the Nana Nachmans. Too much money is involved and especially Rabbi Shalom Arush has been accepting countless criminals into his group. Junkies, child abuse - Guys who have been in jail and Mea Shearim is anything but happy about the Arush synagogue as its direct neighbour in Shmuel HaNavi Street. One can say that former criminals may have changed their ways but the Israeli police has been arresting quite a few Ba'alei Teshuva from the Breslov movements for continuing their old ways as criminals.

Furthermore, it looks as if Berland and Arush are being set up as new heros just like Israel Odesser from the Nanas and I am asking myself where there is any Rabbi Nachman left. 

Arush and Berland - A new cult using the name BRESLOV ?


  1. are you judging the whole NANAs just because of you've seen some bad examples? that's bad lol

  2. B"H

    I spoke to many Chassidim of different groups and guess what they think about the Nanas and the Petek.:-)))))

    1. I just wanna tell you you and your other hasidim friends are not so good,most of them are just trying to be better than before,some of them might be failed but not all of them,thx

  3. B"H

    Not all of them are necessarily my friends but I do know them. However, all of them see a fake in Rabbi Israel Odesser. Especially Karlin.

    You may think different, so follow your way and they do theirs.