Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Sikarikim in Mea Shearim

Yoelish Kroisz from the Neturei Karta and Sikariki himself is anything but a popular person in Mea Shearim.The message of the video is that different Mea Shearim inhabitants have becmme more violent in their actions.

I think it has something to do with the recent attitude that many Haredim just want to be better and stricter in their Halachot and Tikun Olam than others. Halachot, Halachot but the question is if G - d accepts such a behaviour and whether these people who want to be so holy don't rather cause a "Chilul Hasham - Desecration of G - d's name".


  1. B'H

    What I find funny is that the guy who is hiding his face and his name (he is called "ח" in the TV report), we all know who he is and what is his name. His first name is Yisroel, and for those in the known, he is one the worst ennemy of Yoelish Kroisz. So it is so obvious that it's Yisroel, that bluring his face won't help at all! :-)

  2. B'H

    On certain occasions, Yoelish describes himself as a Toldos Aharon and not a Neturei Karta. Maybe he was born in a TA family and later became a NK. But as you can see in the video, he has a Toldos Aharon levush. His affiliation is not so clear.

  3. Have you seen this?

  4. B"H

    Indeed, Kroisz was born into Toldot Aharon and later became Neturei Karta. As far as I know, he now has many fights with the Toldot Aharon because Kroisz wants to be important.

    However, the anti - Zionist ideology of the NK and the Toldot Aharon are not the same.

    The NK even prefers living under a Palestinian government whereas the Toldot Aharon are anti - Zionist but don't want a Palestinian state instead. What they do want (until Meshiach comes) is an international government like the British or the UN. Anything but not the Palestinians.

  5. B'H

    I think that for intellectual honesty, it must be said that the nowadays Neturei Karta have nothing to do with the old Neturei Karta. In fact, the Neturei Karta's pro-Palestinian stance is relatively new and was non-existant in the ideology of the original Neturei Karta led by Rabbi Amram Blau ZT'L. Neturei Karta was anti-Zionist, not pro-Palestinian. It changed with Rabbi Moshe Hirsch who pioneered Neturei Karta's relationship with the "Palestinians". But all the Neturei Karta are not behind Yoelish Kroisz, and all of them are not nuts like Yoelish and his gang. Rabbi Blau and all the previous NK leaders would have never accepted such stance and move.

    Here, you can read a very interesting analysis explaining their relationship with Satmar and how they went from a anti-Zionist movement to a pro-Palestine movement:

  6. Regardless of which "group" they claim to be I ask them this: HOW can it be holy to spit on people, throw rocks causing injury and destroying personal and public property? They treat fellow Jews this way? I find it hard to believe that the Creator sees this behavior as holy. They need to learn the meaning of what they claim to be studying all day, every day!

  7. B"H

    @ Isak

    Thank you very much for the link which I am going to publish !!!

    I don't kno if you have heard that Yoel Kroisz sold his Pashkevil collection to the Jewish National Library at the Hebrew University Compund in Jerusalem. Looks like Yoel is in need of cash.:-))))

    By the way, the deal took place just a few months ago.

  8. B"H

    Rabbi Blau and Rabbi Katzenellenbogen were different personalities but Yoel Kroisz is just selling out. He is a PR man and speaks to anyone in order to be in the news.

    Rabbi Amram Blau wrote halachic articles but Yoel Kroisz has nothing to show.

  9. B"H

    The NK and other anti - Zionists actually think that they are doing something holy and necessary when they act against Zionists.

  10. "Have you seen this?"

    This is what I said: the guy in the documentary Miriam published is the same guy who appears in the documentary published by Isak BK Aasvestad. I wander why I hid his face there and didn't here!

  11. B'H

    It's a Mitzvah to protest when you see a fellow Jew commiting sins. That's why the anti-zionists protest. Now you can disagree with the methods they use (and in fact, nothing can justify their violent attitude) and you can also disagree with their support to the so-called "Palestinians" (to support those who swear everyday the killings of Jews is clearly disgusting) but we cannot disagree with the message: Zionism is wrong! (Eventhough, nowadays, everybody has his/her own definition of what is "Zionism" and that the nowaday "Zionism" is quite different of what it was at its beginning.)

  12. "Rabbi Amram Blau wrote halachic articles but Yoel Kroisz has nothing to show."

    The nowadays NK are idiot people who don't even know the halachos of shabbos. There are plenty of videos on the Internet showing their participation in pro-Palestinian rallies organized on shabbes in the USA and London. You can see them using microphones on shabbes during those protests, and walking in the streets with signs in their hands during those protests. This is something the NK of the past would have never done as they were knowledgeble people. Those people are mechallelim shabbes, and for me, it's worse than supporting Zionism. They know nothing, they don't have yeshivos, they have no Torah scholars among them, they don't work, they don't study, and they know nothing about Torah, Halachah and Ahavas Yisroel. In short, they are nuts, and the more we speak about them, the more they think they are smart and important people!