Monday, August 20, 2012

Africans in the US and Israel


Although many American Jews I have met in Israel told me that, for instance in New York, Jews and Muslims generally get along with each other, the fact that American anti - Semitism is on the rise cannot be denied. The above video refers more to Islam, Sharia Law and Christianity, however, I assume that also the Jews living in Minnesota are involved. 

In the streets of Tel Aviv, we don't usually see the thousands of illegal Africans praying from the Koran but what we do see is that they don't want to integrate into Israeli society. So far, the illegal Africans live in their own ghettos and follow their own rules and customs. What they want is another Africa in the middle of Tel Aviv.

Sometimes the same is happening regarding the self - appointed Indian "Bnei Menashe". Indians moving to Israel claiming that they are from the tribe of Menashe. A totally ridiculous claim, as only Meshiach is going to announce who is from which tribe. 

This way, Israel has turned into a shelter for Third World countries. The Africans crossing the border between Israel and Egypt on an illegal basis and the Indians arriving by plane proclaiming that they are Jewish. In the end, many of them stay together and follow their Indian customs; whatever those customs are.


  1. B"H

    Those who are unaware of the illegal African reality should not commentate and call others Nazi. Instead, they should take a trip along Levinsky Street.:-)

  2. get along? i guess that's because they can't mess with jews in the "US" cause guns are allowed but still some of them will still insulting you and ran away,i've met those kind of freaks several times,anyway i was in brooklyn and i saw those muslims started to cracking skulls in hasidic community,building mosques in HC,i don't get it,they have their own community why would they ran over to HC,are they trying to take over HC? lol

  3. btw what about ethiopian jews and chinese jews?

  4. B"H

    There are many Ethopians in Israel who are not Jewish due to their intermarriage. Generally speaking, Ethiopian Jewry is only regocnized by the Sephardi Chief Rabbinate and not by Ashkenazim unless they convert.

    I don' know any Jews from China but I think that a few Chinese converted in Israel.

    1. so are ethiopians officially jewish? or they have to do an orthodox conversion to be officially jewish?

  5. B"H

    There was a whole conflict going on long before I made Aliyah to Israel. The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem didn't want to recognize the Ethiopian Jews as Jewish. In fact, many of them are not due to their intermarriage, as I said. The Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi decided that, if the Ethiopians want to be recognized as Jewish, they need to undergo a proper Orthodox conversion.

    It was the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef who finally recognized them as Jewish and not the Ashkenazim. However, the Sephardi Chief Rabbinate department only accepted those as Jewish who had a real proof of their Jewishness.

    Some Gentile Ethiopian women converted to Judaism because they wanted their children (who have a Jewish father) going to religious schools.

  6. There is an excellent book about the Jews from China. Don't remember the name but if you are interested I could find out. Also, I have seen several Chinese Jews in Jerusalem.

  7. so they're offcially jewish but won't be accepted by most of ashkenaz communities?

  8. B"H

    The Diaspora Museum in Tel Aviv shows a mini Chinese Synagogue existing some time ago. The problem was that there weren't any women in the community and thus, the community died out.

    Most Chinese Jews you see in Jerusalem are converts to Judaism.

  9. B"H

    Ashkenazi communities only accept those Ethiopians who underwent an accepted Orthodox conversion course. Otherwise those Ethiopians with proof of their Jewishness are accepted by the Sephardi Chief Rabbinate.

    It hasn't been a problem at all, as usually Ethiopian Jews don't marry Ashkenazim. There are a few, but very rare, cases though.