Monday, August 6, 2012

August 2012: Free rooms are still available in Tel Aviv Hostels


Usually about this time, all Tel Aviv hostels are booked and the places are packed. This year, however, at least two hostels are still offering rooms and dormitory beds. I spoke to the SKY HOSTEL as well as at MOMO's in Ben Yehudah Street. Both places are not the best but cheap and still have room.

I am in Tel Aviv for a few hours today and it is good seeing something else after all what happened. Exactly one bus ago, the Jerusalem bus accident took place and I still need to write an English report on this. My cuts on stomach and arms are almost healed but the bruised ribs keep on giving me a hard time. The worst though is laying down and it will take at least another month until I may be able sleeping on both sides of my body. This week, I am also going to visit the 19 - year - old American girl Jordan who was severely injured in the accident. Everything beyond is a case for our lawyers, as the EGGED insurance either has to ay us compensation or we are going to sue EGGED.

As I said, it is good to see something else and not to think about the trauma and the accident. While passing Dizengoff Square just two hours ago, I noticed that the Municipality finally fixed and painted the water fountain. There was a plan of demolishing the whole platform including the fountain in order to restore the shape of the former Square. In the end, the Tel Aviv Municipality didn't have enough money and dropped the plan. It was cheaper putting on some new colour instead of building an entire new Square.

The newly painted water fountain at Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv

 Photos: Miriam Woelke

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