Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ELUL is coming

Photo: Miriam Woelke


Not only in chassidic thought, the month of ELUL is a vast subject. There is so much to say about ELUL and, at the moment, I am going through various sources in order to put together an informative new article on the topic. 

Personally, I love the month of Elul, as it stands for a new chance. In Chassidut we say: "The king is in the Field - HaMelech ba'Sadeh", meaning that there is no time when G - d puts Himself closer to us. Thus, this is the best time for doing a bit of Teshuva. However, this doesn't mean that Teshuva cannot be done at other times of the year too. We don't need to wait for Elul and Yom Kippur in order to change our lives. 

I also try doing some Teshuva and by going through different chassidic and other writings, I actually do get lots of food for thought. If my Teshuva attempt eventually succeeds in the end, we will see. Some attempts may and others may not. Nevertheless, I am never getting tired of  those attempts and every Elul is a new experience. Despite all kinds of failures, I never give up because there is always another day to try again. 

Well, I hope that I don't sound too much like Rabbi Nachman with that ! :-)


  1. B'H

    I really like the way you're thinking :-)

    Time has passed since my last comment here :-) But I always read what you post. Yasher Koach, and once again, Boruch Hashem for the unbelievable nes He made for you.

  2. B"H

    Honestly, I still cannot believe the NES myself. Although I said BIRKAT HA'GOMEL, it is still an amazing why G - d let this happen. And I am not even that kind of a perfect person.:-)
    Well, here I am continuing the struggles.:-))))

  3. B'H

    "And I am not even that kind of a perfect person"

    The way we judge ourselves is not always how G-d Himself looks at us. Their are some meforshim who say that perhaps one of the reason Moshe Rabbenu couldn't enter Eretz Ysroel was because he called the people "rebels"! G-d was not pleased with that, even if with human eyes, it was clear that the Bnei Yisroel were, indeed, rebels. We find the same thing concerning the prophet Yeshaya who was rebuked by G-d for negative words against the people. So, it seems that G-d always see some positive points in each of us, even if with human eyes, we are unworthy people.