Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting ready for Rosh Hashana

Are you prepared for Rosh Hashana ? Buying honey is one of my weekly duties. I drink lots of coffee and tea but a tea without honey is not a real tea.:-)

No kidding. If you are in Israel, buy your Rosh Hashana honey two weeks before the Chag, as prices are going up.

New shoes for the ladies in Bnei Brak

I still don't know whether I prefer a fish head or a head from a sheep. Probably neither one ...

Photos: Miriam Woelke


  1. Something is fishy with this post! Just kidding. It's good to see how you integrate daily life within your blog, and how it pertains or could pertain towards another's life within Judaism or daily life in Israel.

    Good work Miriam!


  2. B"H

    I took the fishy photo at Jerusalem's Machane Yehudah Markt and I suppose they are all eaten by now.:-)))