Saturday, August 11, 2012

Latest Israeli report on LEV TAHOR & "Rabbi" Shlomo Helbrans

The self - appointed "Rebbe" of LEV TAHOR (Pure Heart), "Rabbi" Shlomo Helbrans. However, his real name is Erez Shlomo Elbarnes and he, apparently, is of Tunesian origin. In order to sound more Ashkenazi, he changed his name into Helbrans.


Most of you probably don't know any Hebrew but it is worth putting this text into Google Translation and read it in whatever language you know:

I have been dealing with chassidic groups for many years and once, I used to be involved myself and saw my future in being haredi. Today there is not too much left of this past but I am still a, more or less, religious Jew. Nevertheless, I cannot stand various Ba'alei Teshuva (newly religious) movements where a Ba'al Teshuva is putting himself into a Rebbe position.

In our days, people do that due to their ego, reputation power and, of course, money money money. Unfortunately there are always weak Jews following them like sheep. Many Ba'alei Teshuva feel rejected by regular chassidic groups or are simply looking for the most extreme ways. My advice is: Always stick to the regular groups instead of running to one of those self - appointed Breslover or other Gurus. Even stick to Chabad or the original Breslover in Mea Shearim but don't get involved with self - appointed false "Rebbes" !!!!

On Friday, Israel's most popular newspaper ISRAEL HAYOM published a long article on "Rabbi" Shlomo Helbrans and his LEV TAHOR group located near Quebec / Canada. Helbrans, a Sephardi Jew of Tunesian origin, grew up in a secular Kibbutz and, later on, became a Ba'al Teshuva. He lived in Jerusalem (Kiryat Yovel and other parts of town), founded his own "chassidic" movement and, according to ISRAEL HAYOM, may have run away to Monsey, as Israeli authorities started investigating. Elbrans is extremely anti - Zionist and the Israeli police suspected him of dealing with Arabs. Not even Satmar or the Toldot Aharon would do so.

In Monsey, the local Vishnitzer Rebbe and others signed bans against Helbrans and his Ba'alei Teshuva group. A small group of Jews who are, according to the media, get abused by the Rebbe himself or further members. Many kids are forced to marry at the age of 14. Either other kids of their age group or divorced men in their 30ies. According to the law, this kind of practice is forbidden but in Quebec, Helbrans seems to have found an area where the police are less investigating.

Helbrans who is, according to ISRAEL HAYOM without any SMICHA from the Israeli Rabbanut (Chief Rabbinate) wrote his own books and this is what he is teaching his followers. Still in Jerusalem, he studied with the Toldot Aharon for a while and afterwards in Satmar but insisted on founding his own group. As a matter of fact, as a Sephardi Jew one doesn't have to many chances of raising one's rank in Toldot Aharon.

This upcoming Friday, ISRAEL HAYOM is going to publish a second part describing how the Israeli police reacts towards all those family members of Israelis joining Helbrans. The "Rabbi" himself doesn't allow any member to be in touch with his family and obviously carries out a complete brainwashing.

However, ISRAEL HAYOM accuses the haredi world of not speaking up much more against Helbrans and his methods. Haredim don't like him and thus ignore him. If there were more Haredim protesting maybe Elbrans would have to go to court.

Nevertheless, ISRAEL HAYOM is not the first Israeli newspaper publishing a long report on the LEV TAHOR group. Haaretz has done so a few months ago:


  1. I know these People and I know that most of this is not true. The Canadian Authorities would not tolerate such goings on. If this life style is not for you fine but leave them alone they are all very holy and happy people trying to live their lives according to the truth of Torah, nothing watered down so we should leave them alone or go and see for yourself. They are very open and love visitors. So please enough with the Lashon Hora. Don't believe every thing you read in the papers.

    1. It is important to note that while Lev Tahor cult members dress like Chassidim, they are not considered Chassidim, let alone Orthodox Jews, by the majority of the Jewish world. they are a "cult" and cold blooded people just like the Nazis, In fact, All Chassidim in Montreal united to support and protect families who had left Lev Tahor this horrible disgusting cult.

      We object to using the term Haredi or Orthodox regarding these people. They are simply a crazy manipulative sect. They do not accept Torah Sheba'al Peh, the Oral Tradition, therefore they are simply "Apikorsim" and do not follow the Torah of Hashem. Why did the Monster, child abuser, Helbrans move away from Jerusalem? Because if he stayed he could isolate his group with himself and manipulate them, they would have been excommunicated even by the Haredim in Jerusalem.

  2. B"H

    One cannot and should not close his eyes towards the serious accusations coming from the Israeli and American police. However, the case seems to be complicated and lets see what ISRAEL HAYOM is going to publish in its second part this Friday. They promised a statement from the Israeli police. So, we will see ...

    1. Accusations are just that Only accusations. I know he did time in the US for the for kidnapping and served his debt to society, and was eventually deported. Nothing else has occurred in the U.S. and if you read the court documents it was a travesty of Justice. I am not a member of this group, but things like this cause people to form opinions which can be blown out of proportion and can cause severe harm. Jews should know this more than anybody else.

  3. B"H

    I think that I gave quite a few links so that people can make up their own opinion. There are always people who are in favour of the group and other but you cannot stop the public from talking and drawing their own conclusions. The best example is the present series about the group in ISRAEL HAYOM. Once you do something and are a public figure, you have to live with criticism and public attention. The same as Satmar, the Toldot Aharon, Gur and other groups.

  4. there were baalei teshuvah who were rebbes in Europe - there were even women who were rebbes - he received his semichah from the Minchas Yitzchak ztl. Sure, his derech is weird, but that is not an aveirah. I know a few people from his kehillah - yes they are a bit eccentric, but if it makes them happy, what is it my business?

  5. אנו המשפחות בישראל לא נוותר לשלמה ונחמן הלבראנץ . אתם פגעתם במשפחות שלנו באין סוף .עונשים ,חרמות .נידיום ,מכות. ועוד רבים של עונשים כאלה ואחרים
    נחמן ,אתה שקורא לעצמך כאן יהודון ,ודואג להיות בכל כתבה לבלבל תקוראים לא יעזור לך ,אתה כנראה לא מבין שזה לא צחוק כל המשפחות בישראל שונאים אותך ואת אבא שלך ,תתבישו אתה ואבא שלך מנהלים כת לפי סטלין או היטלר .אבל אני בטוח שהסוף שלכם לא יהיה טוב משלהם .אתם ממש אבל ממש אנשים רעים.הרסתם לכלנו את המשפחות .פגעתם בהמון אנשים מלפני 20 שנה שעד היום לא מצלחים לשקם את חייהם.נחמן אתה חולה בשיגעון ילדות.יש לך צאנס לקחת את אישתך סורה ואת ילדך ולהניח לאנשים האוממלים שם .כנ"ל לגבי האבא האדיוט שלך ,אחרת יהיה מאוחר ,תבינו במלחמה אין מנצחים רק מפסידים.

  6. I've happened to spend a couple of years with the Rebbe in American prison in the 90-s. You know, there you can't pretend, lie or misguide somebody for long. You see a man at the yard, in the sell, in the mess hall, in the bathroom, pardon. The most pious, G-d loving and righteous man I haven't seen. I thank G-d that I was given a chance in my live just to pass by and briefly touch the true Holiness.

    Shame on his detractors.

  7. This cult received $4.3M from an unnamed as a charitable organization? what did they do with this money?

    It was a real-estate deal that was masterminded as how to "launder the money" and use it to purches some properties, for others!!! same time by doing that (using their tax exemption) they avoided the taxes that was due to the Canadian goverment, that had Rachmonus and took in this monster Shlomo Hell-branz into Canada. The person who they did this laundering for, gave them a nice cut $$$$$$$$$$$

    This might be shocking,because after all this cult is very holy, but Nachman (the son of the gangster who led this elegal project) knows it's true!!! this is not made up, Cult leaders when you get caught you will feel the pain that you have caused to so many inisint women and children.
    "Lev Tahor’s Rosner refused to say who provided the $4.3 million but confirmed it was for an unspecified development that “didn’t work out.” thats a lie Rosner is looking for a way out of this. why would he refuse to name the contributer? because they broke the lay by "money laundering".

    Cult leader: Solomon Arez Helbrans is accused of hitting children with tire irons, forcing loving couples to divorce, forcing little girls into marriage with old men, forcing children to wear small shoes, placing people in solitary confinement, denying people of food, issuing monetary fines, placing little children with strange families against the wishes of parents for periods of two years or more from the age of six months, and forcing people to take psychiatric pills without being diagnosed by doctors.

  8. Lev Tahor cult's spokesman is: Yoil Weingarten the son of the famous "convicted pedophile" Mr.Israel Weingarten, a man who raped his own daughter repeatedly over many years!!!

    Lev Tahor, which has been accused of systematic, widespread child abuse by a court in Quebec and by former cult members who managed to escape from them said so in court. Now Mr. Israel Weingarten who is in Jail, his son Yoil Weingarten, is a member and the official spokesman for this horrible abusive cruel cult, Lev Tahor!!! it likely proves that they are child abusers. DON'T YOU SEE THE CONNECTION?

  9. One must wonder when these profiteers will wake up & realize that this is 2014. They look like a bunch of clowns going out to trick or treat on halloween. they should get a life and get a job to earn an HONEST living and pay their taxes to society like all the rest of us that contribute to society.