Sunday, August 26, 2012

ISRAEL: Are we forced to launch a start - up ?

Seen in Tel Aviv

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Everyone is talking about the possibility of Israel attacking the Iranian nuclear facilities but Israelis should concentrate on a different problem we are going to face with the beginning of September. Prices are going up due to the raise in VAT (from 16 - 17%). When you are going to buy some groceries these days, look at the price for a kilo tomatoes and you will faint. Israeli economy sites are predicting a drastic price increase for fruit and tomatoes after Rosh Hashana. 

I don't want to sound too pessimistic but there is more bad news coming up: Thousands of Israelis lost their jobs in the months of June and July. The terrible news is: More and more companies are going to lay off staff. Not only the prices for groceries are going up but also the unemployment rate. No matter whether people work in hightech or if they are academics. 

My advice may sound a bit off but in case you are a new immigrant, look into the possibility whether you can launch your own start - up or small business. It doesn't matter in what field but if you have a great idea you could sell, look into it and try taking some action. Especially when you are older than 50 years. Israel is a start - up nation but it doesn't always have to be computer programmes or finance. There are plenty of people setting up a small business selling homemade chocolate or self - created children's books. 

No one should only rely on the company he works for but start doing something on his own. This is the sad reality we live in but, on the other hand, it does give us a chance creating something on our own.

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