Monday, August 20, 2012

BALABASTA Festival 2012: "How to draw a Picture"


It seems that most Haredim actually do keep away from the BALABASTA Fair taking place at the Machane Yehudah Market in Jerusalem this month. The Edah HaCharedit had placed a ban but my guess is that most Haredim keep away because there is nothing interesting to watch. 

The annual August BALABASTA is nice but you won't too much going on. However, it gives you a different perspective of Jerusalem's Machane Yehudah Market but I also must say that the sellers at the market show a real hostile behaviour towards visitors from Tel Aviv. I have never seen this before but I was actually yelled at by a few sellers while making the videos. They accused me of being from Tel Aviv and only coming to film but not to buy their fruit and vegetable. 

I am not from Tel Aviv anymore but moved back to Jerusalem three months ago. However, I have never experienced such behaviour at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv.

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