Saturday, August 25, 2012

HA’MASHGICHIM - המשגיחים



There are many great Israeli movies and a new one just came out: "HA’MASHGICHIM –  SUPERVISORS or according to the original English title: "G - d's neighbours". An Israeli movie showing one part of society you usually never come across abroad or even as an English speaking Oleh. 

Avi (Avraham), Kobi (Yaakov) and Yaniv are best friends and on their way of doing some Teshuva. They like Rabbi Nachman miBreslov but their Rabbi actually seems to be a Chabadnik. Never mind, the movie concentrates in a brilliant manner on the friendship of the three and their neighbourhood in the town of Bat Yam (south of Tel Aviv). 

One's own SHECHUNAH (Neighbourhood) is extremely important to Israelis, as Israeli hoods represent various mentalities, lifestyles and especially the inhabitants themselves. Furthermore, Bat Yam is a town with lots of Ba'alei Teshuva movements (Breslov and Chabad) as well as many religious Sephardi Jews. 

Avi and his friends are not reigning over their neighbourhood but like to put everything into order. A bunch of drunk Russians playing loud music on Shabbat are getting beaten up. The neighbours watching are glad that the Russians are gone. The young woman Miri likes to walk around in immodest clothes and is facing the criticism of the three friends. Avi is falling in love with her and Miri is actually not that kind of secular girl we first thought. More traditional, as many Sephardi Jews are. Avi and Miri are in love whereas his friends start a violent confrontation with a few Arabs.  The people involved are either getting injured or arrested. 

A great movie showing ordinary Israelis who just live their daily lives. It is impossible to translate the movie into any other language but maybe provide it with subtitles.

"Ha’Mashgichim" has become extremely popular these days and when I went to watch the movie a few days ago, everything was so real that I felt myself walking through the neighbourhood in Bat Yam.

The Trailer

The making of the movie

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